House of the Cliff

SOLD. Stoneware sculpture with oxides and layer matt glazes £220

For Sharing

Stineware figure with glazed details £250

Top od the World

Stoneware sculpture with matt layered glazes £220

A Place to be

Small stoneware bowl with figure and white glaze £65

Pour it out

SOLD. Stoneware sculpture with matt glaze £180

I am a world

SOLD Stoneware glazed sculpture with oxide details. £180

Sharing the fruits of the world with our fellow creatures

Stoneware sculpture, partly glazed £190

When you fitted under my arm

Stoneware sculpture mixed glazes £180

Cliff top house

Stoneware sculpture, glazed, with twigs £180

Looking out on the world

Small stoneware sculpture £180

Emptying the bowl

Stoneware sculpture, mixed glazes £180

Big Love

SOLD Stoneware sculpture, white matt glaze £180

needs on a tray

Stoneware sculpture, glazed £180

We are a rock

SOLD Available from Cambridge Contemporary Crafts. Small stoneware sculpture

Clifftop house

SOLD. Small stoneware sculpture £160

Washing it all away...

SOLD. Small stoneware sculpture £160

Letting it all go...


Parent and child

Small stoneware sculpture. SOLD


SOLD Small stoneware sculpture £160

Reading Figure

SOLD Small stoneware sculpture £160

Reader in Bowl

SOLD. Small stoneware thrown bowl with figure and white glaze.

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