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I discovered mono printing at art school, many years ago! Its very simply the process of making an image on a 'plate', which could be glass, perplex or plexiglass, but can be anything really, and then pressing the paper onto this to print your image. I use water based inks, everyday objects, paper and scissors to create my images. They are all one offs and not editions, though often I will make a series on a theme. All printed on A1 paper.

A Gift

Monotype print on paper £350

Team Work

Team Work. Monoprint on paper £350


Moonbather. Monoprint on paper £350

Big Love

SOLD:Big Love.Monotype print on paper £200

Best Friend

Best Friend. Monoprint on paper £350

Lying Still and Watching the Grass Grow

Lying Still and Watching the Grass Grow. Monoprint on paper £350

Team Work

SOLD. Team Work. Monotype print on paper £350

Lie Still and Watch the Grass Grow

Monoprint on paper £350

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